*The SWISSGEAR Brand is also noted by people as Swissgear or Swiss gear during searches and conversations/writings… as such you may see the use of all terms here.

 The SWISSGEAR / Swissgear / Swiss gear garment bag delivers you the convenience of carrying your luggage securely and comfortably when on any journey. This full-sized garment bag has great space when unfolded completely. From garments to shoes, toiletries and other smaller articles, its large storage capacity allows you to pack all essential gear. This Wheeled Garment Bag features separate sections and reinforced pockets for packing different articles; specially to keep your suits, coats and jackets wrinkle-free. SWISSGEAR / Swissgear garment bag reviews often admire this feature-packed bag as sturdy, roomy and very easy to transport.

Product Specifications

  • Full-size zipper opening
  • Unfolds into four sections
  • Ensures Unwrinkled Clothes
  • Full-size zipper opening
  • Two zippered exterior pockets
  • Multiple internal organizer pockets
  • Adjustable, tie-down clothing straps
  • Two Shoe Pockets
  • Aluminum rolling system for stable maneuvering
  • Retractable locking handle

Technical Specifications

  • Material: 400D x 350D poly
  • Product Dimensions: 23 x 23 x 9.5 inches
  • Dimensions when completely expanded: 47.5 x 23 x 4.75
  • Item Weight: 11.06 pounds


The SWISSGEAR garment bag features a sleek design and sturdy texture with its heavy-duty material capable of retarding moisture. Hence your luggage and contents are always safe and secured from weather. The apparent size/compactness and compression ability of this garment utility do not reflect its impressive storage capacity. But once you expand it completely, it displays its huge space that is divided into four different sections. It helps you plan your packing and keeps your luggage discretely separate instead of piling them all into a central area in the middle. Each section is meant to store particular items.

Wrinkle-free Garments

This model of SWISSGEAR garment bag boasts a compartment featuring hooks for 3-4 hangers of suits, coats and jackets, while a compression-strap ensures they stay put and wrinkle-free. For shirts to stay crisp during traveling, you use special mesh-zipped pockets. Thus, the garments are absolutely secured and need no ironing when you get to the destination.

Pockets/Separation Zones

This unique version of the SWISSGEAR / Swissgear garment bag comes with numerous in and outside pockets. Each pocket has a large durable zipper to ensure safety of your items and the zipper slides to zip/unzip the pockets with no known issues. The front pockets secure toiletries whereas a row of pockets inside the bag can accommodate other smaller articles like ties, socks, underwear. The bag also uses two special pockets for shoes. The integrated secured wet pockets make another very useful feature, preventing liquids from running out and ruining/staining adjacent garments or other accessories.

USB/Charging Capability

During a long journey, the batteries for your cellphone/tablet are often low or consumed. Along with the security of gear, the bag also supports recharge batteries with a handy USB port inside the bag for this purpose.

Steady Maneuverability/Telescoping Handle

This excellent garment transporter is very easy to move about with the help of its smooth operating/movable wheels and the excellent telescoping handle. It features a robust aluminum rolling system that ensures an easy and stable transit to and from locations.