Samsonite Lineate Duet Wheeled Garment Bag

The Samsonite Lineate Duet Wheeled Garment Bag is substantial enough to easily accommodate your luggage for traveling on a long journey, or just moving across the city. It features exclusive partitions inside the bag to pack garments, toiletries, shoes, documents and other such items. You can place your garments within by using hanger hooks to keep them wrinkle-free all through your travels. Reviews for the Samsonite Lineate Duet Wheeled Garment Bag recommend it for its artful design and sturdy texture with its extra space an advantage for better organization of your luggage.

Within the Samsonite Lineate, your belongings are well contained, safe and secured. This bag is designed with the use of a durable heavy Tri-core Nylon fabric; with the addition of a SamGuard® Treatment process that keeps it free from abrasion, tears or punctures. Additionally, the case/bag rolls well on all surfaces with only minimal force.

Product Specifications

  • Designed with Tri-Core Nylon Texture
  • Rugged surface with SamGuard® Treatment
  • Expandable packing capacity
  • Exceptionally resistant to abrasion
  • Water resistant
  • Comfort grip
  • 10+ stages Telescoping Handle
  • Premium steel cartridge bearing 360-degree Spinner wheels
  • Easy maneuverability
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Packing Dimensions: 44.7 x 22.0 x 5.0 inches
  • Overall Dimensions: 22.25 x 22.5 x 11.75 inches
  • Weight: 12 pounds

Keeps clothes wrinkle free

It is usually difficult to save clothes from wrinkling when packed with numerous other articles in a full-sized bag. The Samsonite Lineate Duet Wheeled Garment Bag provides partitions for outfits and zipped pockets to store your essentials. Your suits, shorts, coasts and jackets should remain wrinkle-free, requiring no ironing. 

Charge on the go

The Samsonite Lineate Duet Wheeled Garment Bag also provides you the ability for charging your phone/tablet by using the USB port, placed inside the front pocket of the bag.

Storage capacity/Pockets

This durable bag boasts great storage capacity for multiple luggage items. You can use hanger hooks to sling suits and coats while the tie-down straps with zippered pocket panel help you compress the outfits and use the remaining space for further articles. You have two big pockets on the outer walls for toiletries, with several pockets inside the bag for shoes and other smaller items.

Easy transport/Telescoping Handle

A full-sized bag is usually difficult to transport but no such issue with the Samsonite Lineate Garment Bag. It is proven for ease of handling by use of the Telescoping Handle that comes with 10+ adjustable stages. You can easily adjust it according to your height for best reach and feel in maneuvering the bag. The Samsonite Lineate has 360 Spinner Wheels that are designed with robust steel cartridge bearings and can endure a heavyweight and will roll in a stable/steady fashion on all floors.

These 2 unique features minimize the force required to push or pull the bag to and from your objectives.


The Samsonite Lineate bag comes with 10-year warranty that proclaims the excellence of this brand and its materials, workmanship, functionality and durability.